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Barry Alvarez - University of Wisconsin
"While playing for Wisconsin, Taylor was able to combine his exceptional physical ability and knowledge of the game, to become
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The TM Kicking Difference

The TM Kicking Difference - WHAT DO I TEACH?
I believe there is not a “RIGHT” or “CORRECT” way to kick or punt, however, there are basic principles and fundamentals that all kickers can use to help them hit a higher, straighter, and longer ball more consistently. It is important to understand your individual style so that you can make corrections and adjustments while kicking by yourself. You should always see the result of your kick and know why that was the result. Film yourself and STUDY it! Make note of those perfect kicks you hit and note why. What were you focusing on going into that kick? What did it feel like? A good kicking coach will help you to break down your kicking technique and understand your individual style.

Kicking and Punting has become so competitive, that you must take advantage of everything that you can to help make you a better athlete and improve on your abilities and skills. The experiences that a proper “kicking coach” can share with you are invaluable! I wish I had the opportunity to have the knowledge that I know now when I began my kicking back in Junior High or could have trained with and gone to, like TM Kicking, in preparing me for my career. As an instructor, I can’t do the work for you, but I can show you how and help to get you there!

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Experience at Every Level

Experience at Every Level -

Over the course of the last 10 years, I have been very fortunate to have trained with, competed against, and studied film with some of the best kickers in the world! My knowledge of kicking has also come from a collaboration of my experiences. I have had many ups and downs during my kicking career. The ability for me to share the experiences I have gone through and had to overcome are probably my greatest asset as a coach. The basic principles and fundamentals of kicking that I talked about earlier are taken from many of the best kickers in both college and the NFL that I have seen and had the privilege to work with. I take notes in studying what each successful kicker does and has in common. I’ve also worked with eight different kicking coaches over the course of my career; so needless to say, I have seen many viewpoints. My biggest mentor and the person I credit the most for my knowledge of kicking is Ignacio “Nacho” Brache. Nacho was a great kicker at the University of California and went on to have a Pro career in the AFL. Nacho’s comprehension of kicking and punting is beyond anyone I’ve ever been around while his character and teaching style has helped shape me as an athlete and as a person.